The New England Percussion Ensemble specializes in presenting creative and energetic audience-interactive enrichment programs to youngsters.


Thanks for the best assembly I’ve ever seen, heard & loved! Keep it up!

Caroline Thomalen, Teacher

DiChiaro Elementary School

Bronxville, NY

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"NEPE was dynamic, fun and totally engaging. We had a morning enjoying the NEPE's boundless energy, and educational inspiration for all grade levels. Thanks for your great performances."      Karen Ghiron, PTO, Peirce Elementary School, Newton, MA

" favorite type of show....collaborative!!  Shows like yours break down the barriers and make great strides at showing children that everyone is a musician.  Bravo!"     Gina Cranford, PTO, Berlin Memorial School, Berlin, MA

“ …it’s so refreshing to have you as a breath of fresh air! ”

Mary Rockwood, PTO

Fuller Meadow School, Middleton, MA